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QQ A-250/1, ASTM-B-209

Principal Design Features
Flat Sheet/Plate (6061-T6/T651) is a good, general purpose aluminum alloy that high corrosion resistance making it popular for a wide variety of uses. It has excellent finishing characteristics and will anodize well. Note: Flat Sheet T6 = >1/4" thickness and Plate T651 = <1/4" thickness.

Used for general structural fabrication purposes. Flat Sheet/Plate (6061-T6/T651) is commonly used for scaffolding, ship construction, transmission towers, truck trailers, machine parts, braces and bracketing applications where a good strength-to-weight ratio is required..

Machinability for -T6/651 is considered good for this alloy.


6061-T6/651 is readily weldable using common welding techniques.

Heat Treatment
6061-T6/651 is heat treatable.

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Item #

Size (ft)

Thickness (in)


N/A 4 x 12 N/A 0.125 (1/8) N/A Sheet
N/A 4 x 12 N/A 0.190 (3/16) N/A Sheet
N/A 4 x 12 N/A 0.250 (1/4) N/A Plate
N/A 4 x 12 N/A 0.375 (3/8) N/A Plate
N/A 4 x 12 N/A 0.500 (1/2) N/A Plate
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