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5456 Aluminum Alloy is an alloy in the wrought aluminum-magnesium family (5000 or 5xxx series). While it is closely related to 5456 Aluminum Alloy (Aluminum Association) designations that only differ in the second digit are variations on the same alloy), it is used in structural applications, like most other aluminum-magnesium alloys, and not as filler for welding. As a wrought alloy, it can be formed by rolling, extrusion, and forging (although forging is not common), but not casting. It can be cold worked to produce tempers with a higher strength but a lower ductility. It is susceptible to exfoliation corrosion when held at temperatures above 65 °C (150 °F) for extended periods of time.
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S56-0.125-H116 N/A 5456-H116 Aluminum Sheet 0.125" N/A Sheet
S56-0.160-H116 N/A 5456-H116 Aluminum Sheet 0.156" N/A Sheet
S56-0.190-H116 N/A 5456-H116 Aluminum Sheet 0.190" N/A Sheet
S56-0.250-H116 N/A 5456-H116 Aluminum Plate 0.250" N/A Plate
S56-0.313-H116 N/A 5456-H116 Aluminum Plate 0.313" N/A Plate
S56-0.375-H116 N/A 5456-H116 Aluminum Plate 0.375" N/A Plate
S56-0.500-H116 N/A 5456-H116 Aluminum Plate 0.500" N/A Plate
S56-0.625-H116 N/A 5456-H116 Aluminum Plate 0.625" N/A Plate
S56-0.750-H116 N/A 5456-H116 Aluminum Plate 0.750" N/A Plate
S56-1.250-H116 N/A 5456-H116 Aluminum Plate 1.250" N/A Plate
S56-1.500-H116 N/A 5456-H116 Aluminum Plate 1.500" N/A Plate
1 - 11 of 11 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure